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"Steven Sharp Nelson's renditions are a breath of fresh air!"
Shelby Nelson, cellist

"I am at a loss for words"
iTunes Review

"Powerful! I love Steven Sharp Nelson!"
iTunes Review

"There's none better - I should know"
Steve's sister Camille

"Steven Sharp Nelson is amazing! His rich diversity and style make him my favorite cellist"
Paul Cardall, Pianist

"I wish I played the cello ... like Steve"
Jon Schmidt, pianist

"Inspiring! Pure Joy! I share your music with my high school students"
David Johnson, high school teacher

"Simply Amazing! I've always wanted to play the cello and this makes me want to play even more"
A budding cellist/cellist wannabe (YouTube)

"ohh det är fantastiskt!!!"
Foreign review (YouTube)

A perfectionist (YouTube)

"Veteran studio musician Steven Sharp Nelson stepped out of a backing role and into the forefront with Sacred Cello, his debut effort. Having performed on over 100 albums previous to this inaugural solo project, he displays a penchant for improvisation even underneath a surface of meticulous precision. Nelson shows a mastery of tempo and dynamic contrast that evokes a surprisingly strong amount of emotion, even with what could be considered a familiar track list to classicists. There are no real surprises in the core lineup of hymns, but a stylish variety of classical and traditional work adds a sparkling flourish to the set. Among others, his unaccompanied rendition of the Prelude from Bach's Cello Suite No. 1 in G major employs a stirring rubato, while he commands a rhythmic bassline in Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring. These departures from strict Sunday fare give the album a tremendous lift. Guitarist Peter Breinholt and solo pianists Jon Schmidt, Paul Cardall, David Tolk, and Marshall McDonald take turns serving as guest stars. They are merely icing on the cake, however; each in his own way complements the album's flavor, which ventures into new age, folk, inspirational, and classical. From start to finish, Sacred Cello is bright, solid, unique, and enchanting."
Jared Johnson, All Music Guide




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